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The upcoming queer artists you need to hear!

With Pride month fast approaching and companies scrambling to find queer coverage and reap the benefits, it’s time we put queer creators in the spotlight.

In the music industry you have the gay icons such as Kylie, Madonna, Beyonce but it’s time that LGBT artists are held to the same standard. According to 2017 GLAAD report, LGBT+ people consumed more music compared to straight people in formats such as attending live music (68% vs 63%), streaming (44% vs 38%) and downloading (54% vs 44%), so for a group that clearly has a love of music and the influence queer culture has on the industry, where are all the queer artists?

Jake Shears, former member of Scissor Sisters told Billboard:

"It's about putting queer people in places inside the corporate structure who can see the full swath of what's out there. Make sure there are some queer writers, queer producers in the room."

In March, Lil Nas X released his latest single ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ – a song openly embracing his queerness and love for men – which debuted at Number 1 in multiple countries and has been streamed over 400 million times. The song was met with a mixed amount of praise and criticism, which shows maybe we aren’t as far forward as a society as we think. Songs which are loud and proudly queer like ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ become popular so little which is part of the problem, there wouldn’t be half as much controversy we had more LGBT+ love songs in mainstream music.

So, here’s a few upcoming queer artists that you need to hear!


MUNA are an all-female, all-queer American girl band from LA, who create the beast mix of alt-pop. Whilst MUNA aren’t a typical in your face girl group, they have the visuals, discography and likeability that many strive to have. MUNA can be describes as a pick n mix of their peers’ greatest qualities all rolled into one, the song writing of Kacey Musgraves, the melodies of Robyn and the chemistry of Haim. Having released two critically acclaimed albums so far, “About U’ and “Taken”, let’s hope their next one rockets them to the stardom they deserve.

Listen to – Crying On The Bathroom Floor, I Know A Place


One of 2020’s most interesting EPs came from American singer-songwriter FLETCHER. The 26-year-old released ‘The S(ex) Tapes’ last September which focused on the breakdown of her relationship with her ex-girlfriend, who helped film visuals for the lead single “If I Hated You’. ‘The S(ex) Tapes’ is a dark, sexy exploration into FLETCHER’s emotional state during the aftermath of the breakup, with highlights including ‘The One’ and ‘Bitter’. Whilst FLETCHER – better known as Cari – chooses not to label herself and explains that she’s definitely in the community but is uncomfortable with labelling her sexuality. She’s an exciting one, a popstar who’s love songs echo the likes of Katy Perry with a sapphic twist.

Listen to – If I Hated You, The One, Bitter

Pale Waves

From discovering Pale Waves back in 2019 whilst they were touring with the 1975, I’ve found myself casually dropping them into my playlists ever since. I’m not the hugest fan of bands (excluding girl bands) but there’s a

dash of nostalgia infused throughout their discography which keeps me coming back for more. The English four piece, fronted by Heather Baron-Gracie have had relative success, with their debut album “My Mind Makes Noises” reaching the top ten in the UK, but it’s truly a crime they’re not bigger, especially when the likes of Billie Eilish dominate with a similar aesthetic. Punk has taken over for their second album “Who Am I?”, with singles “Easy, “She’s My Religion” – a gay bop! – “Change” notching up the angst. Think of an edgier, gayer and more modern Avril Lavigne and you’ll be blessed with Pale Waves.

Listen to – There’s a Honey, She’s My Religion, When Did I Lose It All?

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